AUTODRAIN SUCTION MACHINE. (For Dental Applications)

Hi-Vacuum Exceptionally Noiseless Suction Unit With Automatic Drain system. This unit develops hi-vacuum suction with oil immersed rotary vane type /piston vacuum pump. Due to oil immersed operation this unit operates completely noiselessly. We have provided very unique and maintenance free mechanism for auto drain operation. This machine can continuously use for 2-3 hours.

Technical Specifications:

  •  Ex. Noiseless Operation Due to oil immersed vacuum pump
  • Mounted on castors for easy mobility.
  • Hi-Power Suction Due to 3/4 hp. Piston type vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum Capacity: 760 mm/hg. /Power : 230V AC, 50HZ
  • Automatic ON/OFF with the help of Suction Tip Holder.
  • Tip holder is provided on arm to get it near surgeon. (Optional at extra cost)

Optional: Color Choice at extra cost Size: 38″X 16″ X11″ (HxLxW) /Weight : 20 kg. (Approx.)